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The North American bunny myth and Luke’s Gospel

Sunday was Easter. It was a pretty normative day for the Paton’s. I attended church with my family, ate ham (good thing it wasn’t passover…) discussed the dangers of a punitive theory of the atonement with my Dad, listened to 1990’s christian rap with my sister and had some ice cream. Then it happened. 

When I got home, there was a movie on the TV that got me thinking. While I could try to explain the particular scene that I witnessed, I’ll just let you see it for yourself.

Now before you tell me, “Jimmy. This is just a harmless fantasy about a modern myth.” hear me out. (or ignore me and keep giving Christianity a bad name. Yes. It’s that serious.)

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Paul & Taylor - Reception

Paul & Taylor - Wedding Trailer

The 2nd Avenue Sessions was recorded live in June 2013 at the Centricity Writer’s Rooms in Franklin, Tennessee. The project consists of 4 original worship songs tracked full-band with acoustics and simplicity in mind. Songs like “Glorify” and “Fire of God” are featured on this project along with “Hallelujah (Then Anthem),” and a powerful hymn-like ballad entitled, “Oh The Blood.”

1. Hallelujah (The Anthem)
2. Fire of God
3. Oh The Blood
4. Glorify
released 06 August 2013 
Audio / Video Production, Engineering, Mixing, and Mastering done by Jimmy Paton.

Benjamin Lemley // Electric Guitars
Rafael Garcia II // Bass Guitar
Jay Singh // Drums + Percussion

Special thanks to Rob Shannon for being a part of this project on video production.
Huge thanks to Jimmy Paton for his impeccable work and the dozens of hours poured into the project. Love you guys!

Music and Lyrics by: Allyson Hurndon

Production Directors: Jimmy Paton, Michelle Normandia

Arrangement by: Michelle Normandia

Video Production: Jimmy Paton, Rob Shannon

Mixed by: Jimmy Paton

Mastered by: Jon Gautier ,

Musicians: Jordan Schmidt-acoustic guitar, Chris Hinojosa-keys, Blake Rivera-bass guitar, Marissa Piampiano-violin, Sarah Grinder-background vocals, Daniel Colaci-percussion

Album Art: Michael Schmidt

Co-Produced and Mixed by Jimmy Paton
Mastered By GHL Audio

Life Carols is a compilation of songs and music videos for Life Church|Auburndale’s December 2012 sermon series.

I had the privilege of working with Becky and Paul on this song and I’m really happy about how it turned out. Such heartfelt lyrics conveyed in such an innocent manner. A picture of true love.

I’m so indie…